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Activity Plus Group Fitness Training is a local business. Yes I know that the business is being set up across the country at the moment but each Location is in fact a local business and should be run as such.

Being a local business means that each Licensee is able to get out and about around the areas that comprise his/her Location. Getting known by people face to face is a great advantage. People learn who you are, what you appear to be like as a person. They can also talk with others to check up on you. Local communities tend to know about people in their midst.

All this means that when you set up your sessions they will be talked about. If reports go out that you and your sessions are good then you will get more clients just from word of mouth which is great. Of course, this works the other way too. Run rubbish sessions and any clients that you do have will dwindle and very few will come to join.

So keep up a high standard and show that you are enthusiastic and trustworthy. This will lead to many happy clients who respect you for who you are and what you do. Oh, and the bonus is that you will have a very successful business.


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