Get on and do it

I keep telling myself that I should write a blog – and I keep putting it off. When I analyse my reasons for such procrastination I find that it all comes down to the fact that I may not keep going with it. I can see it needing a big chunk of time, and, as with everyone else, that is something that I do not have to spare.

OK so I’m busy and I won’t be able to fit it in. This time, however, I am not going to let that be a problem. My promise to myself, and anyone who may by chance be reading this, is that I shall endeavour to keep writing as and when I can. I’ll not set myself a particular day because I know that scheduling my work like that is the easiest way to fail.

Ah now I think I may have hit on something there – I don’t want to fail. Well nobody wants to be thought of as a failure particularly by ones self. Setting up a blog is good whilst the enthusiasm lasts but will need a great deal of motivation once the shine wears off. Of course, if I manage to get an indication that there are visitors who actually read it then it may become an easier task.

So what am I going to write about? Well I suppose it will be mainly about Activity Plus and my involvement with Group Fitness Training with perhaps a little of my personal background creeping in from time to time.

The title for this post is firstly an instruction for me with this blog, however, it is quite a good maxim to adopt when we want or need to do anything in life. It doesn’t matter who we are or what we are doing, there is always a point where we have to make a start. Whether we are the fitness leaders or the fitness seekers, we all have to make a start. Whether it is a whole new business, new location or just an individual session everything needs to be got underway.

Each and every day we have to make a start by getting out of bed. Apart from wanting to keep snuggled under the duvet we don’t actually question whether or not the day is going to be a failure. We just get up and get on with life.

In fact what does it matter if we fail? Most of our so called “failures” are not even noticed by anyone else and even if they are, so what! Most of us throughout life have many failures – mostly small and insignificant in the overall scheme of things. Without failures we will not find our success. I guess everyone know the story of the fantastic number of times that Edison failed before discovering the way to make a light bulb that actually worked. Let’s face it copying the way that Edison dealt with failure can be no bad thing.

So here we are, my first blog post here at Activity Plus.


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