What’s in a Name?

The Activity Plus sessions are called Group Fitness Training. It would have been easier and snappier to have called them bootcamps. After all that is what everyone else calls their sessions these days. So why do we call them Group Fitness Training? Well we conduct the sessions in groups. We deliver fitness training. So the phrase is very descriptive.

It’s not just about word definitions. It’s about perceptions. Bootcamp has a very intense, over the top sound about it. The word is used to describe basic training in the military and also a strict regime in some young offenders prisons. In other words it describes an extremely tough period of activity with absolutely no let up.

Activity Plus is not about punishment, it is about achieving fitness goals without the risk of injury. So are we gentle little wimps? Heck, no. Our approach may seem soft. The attitude is welcoming and encouraging. However, when we get down to business the training is every bit as tough as any bootcamp for those who discover their inner strengths.

Because we ease people into training they are able to push against their limits gradually. It is the individual who sets the pace not the trainer. The trainer sets the tasks, gives encouragement and notes whether or not to ask a little more of each individual. People who come to us are not frightened off by bullying tactics.

What we notice is that many individuals have been coming to us for several years. The improvements they have made are  fantastic in terms of all round fitness, toning, posture and weight. On top of this we very rarely see any sign of injury occurring from the training.

To sum up I would say that our Group Fitness Training exercises differ very little from those employed by bootcamps. The big difference is in our approach and attitude.


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